Due to an anticipated tropical weather system that is expected to bring great amounts of rain and potentially severe weather to the area over the Memorial Day weekend, the Skillet Lickers have announced that their ‘Local Legends’ Music Night at the Dacula Concert Amphitheater, originally scheduled for Sunday, May 27th, has been postponed and rescheduled for Saturday, June 2nd at 7pm.

“The forecast has consistently looked very unfavorable for the entire weekend. It looks like a total washout. We decided to go ahead and make the call now and reschedule for next Saturday, which, as of now, looks much more conducive for an outdoor concert,” says Josh Tanner, an organizer of the event. “The good news is, everything remains the same for the rescheduled show. All of our performers will be able to return for the new date. We’ll still be serving up delicious food and we’ll still have all of the same fun activities that we had planned for this weekend. We may even be able to bring in a few more Local Legends who weren’t available for the May 27th show.”

Current forecasts call for a 90% chance of heavy rain on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, with 3+ inches of rain possible. “Setup in those conditions would be miserable and I just don’t see any situation where we’re able to pull everything off. Even if there were a break in the rain, ground conditions would be rough. It’s just not suitable for a show. We want fans to be safe and enjoy themselves,” says Russ Tanner of the Skillet Lickers.

Gates will open at 5pm on June 2nd, with the show getting underway at 7pm. Tickets remain $10 and will be available at the gate. Food will be served beginning shortly after 5pm. This show’s menu theme is “A Hometown Cookout”, featuring hamburger and hot dog plates.

For up-to-date information on this rescheduled Music Night, follow Dacula Music Nights on Facebook at www.facebook.com/DaculaMusicNights.

Last month, Dacula’s own Skillet Lickers — Country’s music’s first supergroup and longest running band — announced a brand new concert in their ‘Music Night’ series, which will be held on Sunday, May 27th (Memorial Day weekend) at the band’s amphitheater in Dacula. The series has hosted the likes of GRAMMY award winners, CMA nominees, hometown favorites, and up-and-coming artists from right here in our own backyard.

The newest show will put a special emphasis on local artists as the Skillet Lickers host the very first “Local Legends Night”. The show, slated to start at 7pm, will feature an opening set from the storied band followed by a rotating cast of well-known local Country, Bluegrass, Folk, and Gospel artists. The show will then close out with a set from a couple extremely talented guests, the husband-wife duo of Brian and Maggie Stephens.

The Skillet Lickers recently announced the group of “Local Legends” who will be joining them on stage. Names announced include Jimmy Hooper, Billy Kennedy, Randall Mahaffey, and Earleen Aderhold, among others to be announced soon.

Hooper is known as one of the state’s greatest electric guitar players and has joined the Skillet Lickers at recent shows. Kennedy, a Bluegrass staple in the community, will sing a couple songs on stage with the band. Mahaffey was a former Skillet Licker, joining the group at its reformation in the late 1960’s, and will rejoin the band once again on May 27th. Earleen Aderhold, alongside husband Joel, will take to the stage and show off their irresistible Country harmonies at the show, as well.

Other names may be announced in the near future as the band works to create what they call “the greatest musical reunion in North Georgia”. “If you were born and raised in the Dacula area — or if you’re just a fan of real Country music — this is going to be one show you do not want to miss. You’ll see plenty of familiar faces, hear tons of great music, enjoy delicious food and fellowship… all while relaxing under the shade on a late spring night,” says Russ Tanner of the Skillet Lickers.

Tickets for “Local Legends Night” are only $10 and will be available exclusively at the gate. Food and drink vendors will be on site, as well.

The Dacula Concert Amphitheater is located at 2652 Auburn Avenue in Dacula.

On Monday, the Skillet Lickers announced a brand new concert in their ‘Music Night’ series, which will be held on Sunday, May 27th (Memorial Day weekend) at the band’s amphitheater in Dacula. The series has hosted the likes of Country music stars such as John Berry and Teea Goans along with well-known local artists, such as Levi Lowrey and Josiah Siska.

The newest show will put a special emphasis on local artists as the Skillet Lickers host the very first “Local Legends Night”. The show, slated to start at 7pm, will feature an opening set from the Skillet Lickers, followed by a rotating cast of well-known local Country, Bluegrass, Folk, and Gospel artists who will be accompanied by the Skillet Lickers. The show will then close out with a set from a couple very special local guests.

“With this show, we’re celebrating local music and the local musical history and heritage of Dacula, Gwinnett County, and the northeast Georgia region. What better time to celebrate local music than at the bicentennial anniversary of our county’s founding and who better to host such an event than one of the nation’s longest running and most storied musical groups?,” says Josh Tanner, one of the event organizers.

The specific guest lineup will be announced in the very near future. Tickets for “Local Legends Night” are only $10 and will be available at the gate. The amphitheater is located at 2652 Auburn Ave., Dacula, GA 30019 and additional information on the venue and the entire “Music Night” series can be found at DaculaMusicNights.com. Food and drink will also be available on site.

“It’s always a blast being able to put together one of these shows… there’s truly nothing better than a hometown concert under the shade trees as the sun sets while enjoying some delicious food, fellowship, and of course, great music,” says Russ Tanner of the Skillet Lickers.

The Skillet Lickers kicked off the month of March with a bang, announcing around two dozen shows to take place throughout 2018, including announcing that the band would be returning to the Cumming Playhouse to star in sixteen showings of ‘Smoke on the Mountain’ from September 6-30, a comedic Gospel musical which the band has been apart of in 2015 and 2016 (along with starring in the sequel, ‘Sanders Family Christmas’ in 2017). Additionally, the band announced they would be returning to the Canton Theatre for a trifecta of shows during the weekend prior to Thanksgiving, featuring two evening shows and a matinee.

Also of note, the band plans to return to the Blairsville Courthouse in October, a venue in which the Skillet Lickers have performed in since the days of Gid Tanner. The Elisha Winn Fair, also in October, is also on the newly-released tour schedule.

The Skillet Lickers expect to announce even more dates in the near future. Currently, the band is preparing to perform their latest production, ‘Real Time Radio’, at the Colleen O. Williams Theater in downtown Winder, GA, on Friday, March 30th. Tickets for that show are currently on sale here.

For a complete, detailed look at the Skillet Lickers’ 2018 tour schedule, CLICK HERE!

Tickets for ‘Real Time Radio’, the original Skillet Lickers production, coming to Winder, GA on Friday, March 30th, 2018 at 7:30pm, are now officially on sale. Tickets for the show, being held at the Colleen O. Williams Theater (inside the Winder Cultural Arts Center), are expected to go quickly and fans are encouraged to purchase their tickets in advance.

Tickets can be easily purchased below, via Brown Paper Tickets, or by dialing the box office hotline at 678-935-6748. Tickets are $15 each (plus tax and service fee) and seating for the show is general admission.

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The Skillet Lickers, Country music’s first supergroup, now in the 93rd year, are excited to be returning to Winder, Georgia, for the first time since 2014, as they perform their latest musical production, ‘Real Time Radio’, on the evening of Good Friday (Friday, March 30, 2018).  The show will take place in the heart of downtown Winder in the Colleen O. Williams Theater at the Winder Cultural Arts Center.

“We’re excited to have the opportunity to return to Winder,” said Russ Tanner of the Skillet Lickers. “We’ve been performing a lot of shows out towards Buford, Cumming, and Canton as of late, so it’s great to get to perform a full show close to home for a lot of folks who maybe haven’t been able to see us lately.”

‘Real Time Radio’ is a music-centered play, filled with Skillet Licker favorites, along with Country, Jazz, Blues, and Folk favorites from days gone by, while simultaneously telling the history of radio — and its enormous influence on the Skillet Lickers and other bands of the time, along with the impact radio had on America from its inception to the modern times. Tanner describes the show as “educational, yet filled with humor and packed full of great music”.

The Skillet Lickers are known for their diverse repotoire of music. The band performs everything from original, million-selling Skillet Lickers’ classics of the 1920’s and ’30s to classic country from Skillet Licker inspired artists (such as Roy Acuff, George Jones, and Hank Williams) along with Bluegrass, Jazz, Folk, and Blues favorites sprinkled in along the way, too.

In addition to their diverse repotoire, the band is known for its diverse instrumentation, featuring a fiddle, guitar, banjo, dobro, mandolin, drums, stratocaster, and bass.

Having performed for over 90 years, the band has plenty of stories, history, and comedy to accompany their family-friendly shows. The Skillet Lickers today are led by Phil Tanner and son Russ Tanner, the third and fourth generation of the original band, which was led by Phil’s grandfather (Russ’s great-grandfather), Gid Tanner. Gid led the original band in the 1920’s and ’30s, including in 1934, when the band recorded its most famous hit, ‘Down Yonder’, which would become the first Country instrumental album to sell one million copies.

Tickets for the show will go on sale on Monday, February 19th at 10 a.m. You will be able to purchase tickets at skilletlickers.org (directly beneath this post), via Brown Paper Tickets, or by calling 678-935-6748. Tickets are $15 (plus service fee). Due to limited seating and only one show, fans are encouraged to purchase their tickets early as they are expected to go fast.

Through Gid’s son Gordon, grandson Phil, and great-grandson, Russ, the band has pressed on for nearly a century. The Skillet Lickers are proud members of the Georgia Music Hall of Fame and Blue Ridge Music Hall of Fame.

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For over 91 years, the Skillet Lickers’ storied name has been the subject of much intrigue to music fans. While old-time bands are known for their — shall we say, unique — names, the Skillet Lickers often takes the cake. So, what exactly was Gid and the band drinking when they settled on the ‘Skillet Lickers’ nearly a century ago?

Well, it turns out that the answer is a little more complicated than that. It is believed that the answer actually lies over the state line in Alabama. Take a trip 13 miles west of the Georgia/Alabama state line and you’ll find the unincorporated community of Lick Skillet in Northeast Alabama, just south of Fort Payne (and about 25 miles northwest of Rome, GA). The name of the “town” was the influence behind the Skillet Licker name. The community was reportedly given its name in the early 1920’s, which caught the eye of many people, including Columbia Records’ Artist and Repotoire talent scout, Frank Walker. Walker originally discovered Gid Tanner and Riley Puckett in the 1924 and was there when the band formed two years later in 1926.

In an effort to sell more records, bands during this time were often given very distinctive names in an effort to stand out and garner attention in a growing genre of music. Simply put, it was an early Country music marketing gimmick — and it worked! Who could forget a name like the ‘Skillet Lickers’… and with a name like that, who wouldn’t want to at least listen to one of their songs? There’s no doubt the uniqueness of the Skillet Lickers’ name contributed in at least a minor way to their monumental success in the 1920’s and 1930’s. There’s also no doubt that an unincorporated community of a few dozen people at the crossroads of County Road 127 and County Road 176 in rural Dekalb County, Alabama had some influence, as well.

What’s Lick Skillet like today? Like the Skillet Lickers, the small community is still around, but not much has changed. Today, Lick Skillet is home to a small country church — Mt. Moriah Baptist — along with a storage warehouse, and interestingly enough, a music barn, home to a six-piece Country band on Friday nights and Bluegrass and Gospel singing on Saturday nights. The music barn was founded in the early 2000’s, but a very fitting addition for a town whose name influenced one of the greatest string bands of their time.

So, how did Lick Skillet get its name? Well, that’s an interesting question and an entirely different story. Legend has it that a fight broke out between two men at an area general store when one man grabbed a skillet and hit the other man upside the head (or, to put it more eloquently “licked him with the skillet”). So, in the grand scheme of things — it’s very likely that, if not for a dispute inside a rural Alabama general store in the early 1900’s, Gid Tanner & his Skillet Lickers would have operated under an entirely different name… and who knows, maybe the Skillet Lickers wouldn’t have enjoyed the same success they have enjoyed to this day.

Another year has come and gone and it was a successful one for Country music’s longest running band. From Hall of Fame inductions to sold out shows to special government proclamations, the Skillet Lickers saw it all in 2017. Over the past few days, the band has renewed its annual tradition on its social media platforms by counting down its eight ‘Top Moments’ of the year, revealing two per day and eventually ending on #1 on New Year’s Eve night. Here’s a recap of the top eight events of the year:





























It was a big year for us filled with many great memories. We can’t wait to look forward to what 2018 brings and we can’t wait to see you out on the road real soon. Happy New Year, everyone!

The Skillet Lickers were back at it — rejoining the cast of ‘Smoke on the Mountain’, whom they had worked with on two earlier occasions both in 2015 and 2016 in the hit musical, ‘Smoke on the Mountain’, this time for the popular show’s lesser-known sequel, ‘Sanders Family Christmas’.

The show was certainly a hit in Cumming, with nearly every show near or at capacity. “We knew this show would be a big success, especially with this amazing cast, along with the support this community has shown us in ‘Smoke on the Mountain’, plus with it being Christmas time… everything seemed to work out perfectly and we want to thank everyone who came out to join us over the past three weekends. Also, a special thanks to this cast who has worked tirelessly on this production for multiple months, along with the band, our great sound and lights technician, Deryl Cape, and of course, our great director, Glenda Gray. We can’t wait to rejoin this group again real soon — it’s always a highlight of our year when we get to join these folks,” says Russ Tanner of the Skillet Lickers, who also assumed the role of executive producer in this year’s production.

Like its counterpart, ‘Smoke on the Mountain’, this show mixed inspiring spiritual messages with hilarious comedy and great music — except this time, with a Christmas flare. The show ran from Friday, November 24th through Sunday, December 10th with shows on Thursdays, Fridays, two on Saturdays, and a matinee on Sundays. (There was one snowed-out show on Friday, December 8th).

Sunday’s finale also marked the Skillet Lickers’ final public show of 2017. The band hopes to announce spring 2018 tour dates in the near future, but in the meantime, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

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